Door Refinishing 1

This door had seen many days in direct west facing sun with no protection other than its finish coats. Not only was the finish burning off and releasing from the wood, but also starting to damage the grain and structure of the mahogany veneers underneath. One of the panels had already split.

We performed turnkey refinishing plus repairs:

  1. We removed the door at the home owners house, typically in an hour time slot on a Monday.
  2. We boarded up the door with protection that didn’t cause any damage
  3. We stripped the door back at our shop
  4. We repaired damage to the surfaces, veneers, and cracks
  5. We colored the door with a custom consultation with the customer
  6. We finished the door with multiple coats of a special proprietary coating that performs and looks gorgeous!
  7. We installed the door back at the end of the same week, typically a Thursday or Friday.