Furniture Refinishing & Repair

Chair Gluing

Chairs are the most complex type of furniture, with stresses in varying directions and unique challenges associated with design fashions. Even the best built chairs need maintenance from time to time. If your chair is loose, if your chair needs a re-glue, it’s always better to correct it before a catastrophic failure! Let our expertise work for you to give a solid service for a solid chair!

Structural Repairs

Structural repairs can involve anything from loose joints to original design flaws to broken and/or rotten parts. Sometimes a dog prefers your furniture to their chew toys. Let St. Louis Restoration assist with traditional and state-of-the-art methods to correct your structural defaults!

Aesthetic Repairs (Touchups)

Sometimes a finish fades over time due to exposure or simply breakdown of the original finishing method. Sometimes there’s moving damage and scratches and gouges. Sometimes there’s a white ring on a top surface. Let St. Louis Restoration assist with your onsite and in-shop aesthetic repairs and touch-up needs.

Restoration Over Existing Finishes

It’s not always possible, but sometimes a basic aesthetic repair needs a little more effort than touch ups, but not a full strip-and-refinish. In the right circumstances, we can perform the last stages of finishing over existing finishes that have been properly prepared and surfaced to give a solution!

Missing Parts?

Missing Parts? St. Louis Restoration can not just replicate the form of the original, but can finish it in to match the piece perfectly like it never happened! We have expertise in resins, epoxies, hand carving and shaping, as well as a fully equipped shop with all the traditional tools plus an eye-popping capable multi-axis CNC machine with the skills to put out solutions otherwise impossible!

Natural Fiber Work – Caning, Rushing, Splints, & Reedwork

Natural Fiber Panels breakdown over time naturally, but also when your overweight relative drinks too much and decides to use the seat as a ladder. Not that we judge, of course. We can Rush, Cane, basket weave, splint, Shaker tape, and other techniques of natural fiber seat and panel work.

Refinishing to Match

Of course, we can refinish to perfectly match sets. We help some manufacturers when their products are delivered a little “off”. We can also take new and individual items and get them to blend in to your existing decor. It’s a special ability we use every day.

Refinishing to Update a Look

If you want to keep the look original, great. If you want to update to more contemporary feels, great. We have experience in both antique and contemporary styles. It often is helpful to provide some sample reference or photos to communicate the feel of the look beyond our 800+ stain samples. We mix and make our own stains and colors, by the way.

Painting Furniture

Painting furniture is fun, and has gone through various stages of “in-fashion”. We have the ability to do very high quality work, which allows for use of factory-grade paints and coatings, which usually means we are going to be more expensive than some hobby-level competitors. If you like that level of service, we don’t judge, but do take a minute to review our gallery/portfolios to understand the difference in quality of both workmanship and product. We can paint solid color, glazes, shading, distressing, glossy high-polished to completely dead-flat.

High Performance Finish Products

There’s always the option to do better, and we’ve put a lot of effort into serving our customers the best we can. One of those areas is developing expertise in high-performance coatings. As a result, we like to give our suggestions based upon the application environment requested. Whether it is a concrete bar top, a flooring patch repair, a museum-quality piece from the Old World, or a new dining table that the finish just isn’t holding up, we’ve got the best solutions technologically and economically available to offer.

Unique Stuff

There’s always “unique Stuff” at a shop like ours – things that push outside the normal bounds of what it’s thought we do. We thrive on unique items! If you’ve got an idea, bring it to us for a solution!

Door Refinishing Interior

We refinish a lot of interior doors. Sometimes it’s the one bathroom door that was painted back when people had not developed technology to combat humidity in pre-air conditioned houses. Sometimes it’s the door the painter thought he could do for you, but he just didn’t get it quite right (we see a surprising number of those). Trust St. Louis Restoration to refinish your interior doors to the best ability possible, and to actually match your home’s needs.

Door Refinishing Exterior

Exterior Door Refinishing is a whole special situation, see (LINK).


Upholstery is a whole special situation. Depending on the level of complexity, we may or may not be able to help.  As of 2024, we have full service upholstery available, from antiques to modern to new custom builds to banquettes.

Chest Repair, Fabrication & Finish

See how we took the old pieces and made them whole again.

This is one of the worst cases of repair we have completed.

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Two Toned Dining Set

We painted and stained this with custom colors.