Touchups/ Minor finishing

for touchups/finishing

Traditional Furniture finishing

Our traditional furniture finishing options allow use to follow methods that provide you with an authentic look and feel with the benefits of improved technology and products that will stay looking better, longer, without having to worry about your furniture like you grandparents did.

Custom Color Matching

We custom mix and match our stains and techniques to match existing pieces whether you need to refinish the top of your desk or make a new chair match your old desk. This is an undervalued and misunderstood skill, don’t trust just anybody to “tell” you what stain color is the match, it’s often more nuanced than that.

Custom Effects, Glazing, Distressing, and Patina

Custom Effects Include multiple colors, essences of shading and toning playing off the background colors, glazing, patination, distressing in its various forms, etc. We can find a solution to your desires!

Sheens, Smoothness, and Textures

Understanding what makes the difference in pricing, quality level, and “work” level is described in the sheens, smoothness, and textures of the finishes and coatings. A fully pore filled, flat, and high gloss-sheen polished table top is much different than a rustic handscraped flat-sheen table top, and it’s important to understand what you are getting for your money.

High Performance Finishes

There are now specialty finishing products that can do more than ever before, let’s discuss the right finish choice for your project, budget, and use.

Exterior Doors

For a special focus on exterior door finishing, see this page.

We can do it all…

We can finish wood or metal anyway you want – natural, dark, flat to high gloss! We can color match anything!