Door Refinishing

Exterior Door Refinishing

We have top-notch exterior door refinishing capabilities. Most customers elect our turnkey service, which includes:

  1. Picking up the doors in a one-hour slot
  2. Installing a protective board-up that doesn’t cause any damage to your home
  3. Rush door stripping
  4. Refinishing or Repainting your door with our high-level techniques
  5. Applying state-of-the-art proprietary clearcoats that will outperform other wood products on the market
  6. Reinstalling your door back at your house typically in 4-5 days (usually the same week).

We also offer in -shop exterior door refinishing at a lower price level with prior scheduling.

If you only want the door stripped, we can do that for you as well, (requires prior coordination).

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Interior Door Refinishing

Let us help you with our high-level and high-quality interior door refinishing services. We offer capabilites and results that rival the best out there, including:

  1. Perfect color and effect matching
  2. Making a painted door into a stained door
  3. Large quantity batches and quick turnarounds
  4. Matching New and Old parts
  5. Color shifting to match new decor or to restore original looks
  6. Sheen and texture matching and adjustment
  7. Professional and appropriate coating systems for the purpose.
  8. Experience and knowledge of many local styles, eras, and techniques.

Trust our experience and capabilities to take on a new project, or to take over a project someone else couldn’t finish.