Our Turnkey Front Door Refinishing System: A Five Day Process

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  1. Monday: securely board up in a method that doesn’t damage your woodwork – usually takes an hour or less of your time.
  2. Monday: we hand strip your door
  3. Tuesday: we consult on the color . You may choose from our stock colors, or we’ll create a custom color and look just for you.
  4. Tuesday/Wednesday: we repair & prepare your door
  5. Wednesday: we stain your door to match the “look that you love” using a stain designed for exterior doors, that won’t fade in an exterior application.
  6. Wednesday/Thursday: we seal, and finish your door using a coating that is designed for exterior doors. This coating has a unique capacity to crosslink. When it gets really cold, or really hot wood contracts and expands. Our coating can contract and expand with the wood. That prevents weathering down the road. The coating has built in UV Inhibitors to help protect your door from the sun, and won’t ever become brittle or yellow. It’s a special product and it took a lot of testing to verify it’s the best we’ve seen out there, sometimes outlasting other products by more than double.
  7. Thursday/Friday: We rehang your door weather permitting on Friday of the same week it was picked up. This is outcome for 95% of our customers.

We generally prefer to see every door we quote for the turnkey service to give the most accurate pricing, so contact us to get a bid. Please do include your address, and pictures never hurt!

We have other exterior door services aside from the popular turnkey system, including:

  •  Same-week refinishing inside the shop
  • Basic door stripping.
  • Expedited stripping service to strip front-doors where most customers drop off in the morning and pick up later the same day.


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