Questions? Try Our Knowledge Bank!

Why do we have a Frequently Asked Questions page? (FAQ)?

Because you were probably already thinking about asking a question we have already answered! It’s so easy to learn more about us below!

How much does it cost to strip a door?

Usually, interior doors strip starting at $175 each, while exterior doors start to strip at $250 each. It’s not just a matter of size but also construction style and condition.

When are your hours? Do I need an appointment?

Our shop is open to customers Monday through Friday 8:00AM – 4:00PM with no appointments necessary. We do schedule appointments for other hours earlier in the mornings, later in the evenings, and on Saturdays. We generally prefer to schedule Saturday appointments in 15-minute slots in the mornings.

Do you offer pickup and delivery options?

Yes, the easiest way to get a quote is located as an option in the request form. We offer pickup and delivery based upon the location of the project and the extent of efforts required once we get there. Many times customers will help us load or unload the items, and that’s a lower price than us supplying more manpower per trip. As a customer, however, you are always welcome to arrange for your own transportation service to/from our facility.

Do you work on small projects?

To us, there is no cutoff for the importance of a project. We do have certain cost thresholds to cover for each project, but it’s better to request a quote first, then decide which options make sense. As a custom shop we’ve seen it all from making one special cut on a board to fully restoring priceless artifacts.

What is Project Timing?

We are a priority and deadline-based shop with multiple lines of service. Stripping usually takes a week or less and rush stripping can be coordinated for same-day service. Structural and Aesthetic repair workflows are typically weekly. Upholstery is usually 7-10 days. Metal exterior item refinishes are usually 3 weeks. Fully stripped and refinished wooden items are typically 2-4 weeks. If a project is taking longer, its often due to unique complicating factors on the project that we are trying to make “just right”. If a client has special needs or particular deadlines, we will work to accommodate them.

Why is it so difficult to get exact pricing?

Our work is not a commodity item, it is all a combination of custom services from the quality level desired, the complexity of the project, the current condition of the piece, and historical experiences with similar projects. It’s all custom and special for you, our client, and the unique projects you bring us! We can usually get at least in the “ballpark” talking on the phone or from email photos. Contact us today!