Chest Repair, Fabricate & Finish

This chest had been left to neglect including water damage to the top, sides, structural joints failing, all the metal hardware was non-usable, the mirror was apart, and some veneer was missing in parts. Most people would not consider this fixable!

We performed repairs, fabrication, and a full strip and refinish:

  1. We disassembled the chest and top mirror
  2. We reglued and repaired mirror frame
  3. We fabricated a new top with veneer
  4. We fabricated new sides
  5. We reassembled frame – corrected structural deficiencies
  6. We fabricated new drawer faces
  7. We reglued drawer boxes & cut keyholes
  8. We reassembled the mirror frame
  9. We reassembled drawers inside frame for alignment
  10. We authentically colored the piece to the client’s approval
  11. We replaced the hardware with a customer approved replacement
  12. We finished with topcoats of catalyzed lacquer for a durable finish