New Projects Paused

We are no longer providing estimates at this time, in order to concentrate on our current customer obligations (with the ONLY exceptions of rushing/caning, 3d scanning, CNC work and custom in-shop builds).

Because our waitlist has grown to more than we feel is acceptable, we must shift our focus to completing those projects, before we take on any new work.

We are not placing people on the waitlist.

We truly value you! We are sorry that we cannot help everyone that asks right now. We hope to resume providing free estimates along with wait times starting December 2021, so check back with us!

Customers waiting on estimates: We will get back with you when we are able. Every estimate takes time. We have many to go through.

Customers with current projects: We appreciate your patience! We will contact you when we are available to start. Please reply to the job ticket email with any questions or comments about your project.

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We are not estimating new wood projects at this time. We are still available for 3d scanning, custom in-shop builds and rushing/caning work. If you would like to contact us, please do so below.
If you put in a request for a wood service estimate, we will not respond until we are available to place you on our wait list.
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